Brushwood's School of Dance



Friday, November 8, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have several classes that will be made up the week of November 18th. All Thursday and Friday classes will be made up that week at their usual time (Thursday, November 21st and Friday November 22nd). Also the Saturday Conditioning class and Ballet III/IV classes will be made up on November 23rd.

This coming week is Parents’ Visitation.  Come watch your dancer’s class(es)!

During “Visitation” you will be given the brochure and information regarding the break between semesters, and the upcoming Winter Semester.  (THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE BROCHURE I'M HANDING OUT: SPRING BREAK IS APRIL 6-APRIL 11TH.) We also will pass a roster around during each class where you can indicate whether your dancer will be returning to class. AND WE HAVE A NEW REQUIREMENT THIS YEAR…we want to know now if your dancer will be participating in the recital for that class on May 30, 2020, or not. My teachers work on choreography during the break between semesters, and if your child is not participating, we need to know now. Please read below the registration information from the brochure as well as the information regarding recital. You will be able to begin registering them in classes online next week, and I will again request that you register your dancer by December 14, 2020, in the class(es) of your choice. Then you can elect to pay with a credit card or a check post dated for January 2, 2020. I will post charges to your account on January 1-3. I still will need a paper copy of the registration form, signed and dated by the parent/guardian. One is in the brochure for your convenience.

Thanks so much, and see you in class!

Pam Brushwood