Index Cards

Inside the studio is an index card box for performance members only. Each performance member is asked to have a card specifically for them with all the dance classes they have taken, and the year and semester listed on them, to include summer classes. Remember each semester is different so must be added separately.

For example.....
Regina Delman - Jazz 3 - Fall 2017

The cards should be updated each semester so no one loses track of their classes. We use these cards when moving kids up to the next performance level (in accordance with the standards) and for when it becomes time for them to try out for Premiere Performance.

This is done on the honor system, and if there is no documentation on the dancers card for a certain class we will assume that they have not taken that class and may be asked to take it so they can move forward.

Please take a few minutes to update your dancers card. (there are extras in the box if you need to start one, or you are welcome to do your own at home and just bring it in).